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Our team of experts will customize and tailor the standardization of the Wellness Model of Care Continuum based on scientific evidence supported by industry best care practices.  

  • Patient & Family Education
  • Surgical Experience Preparation
  • Day of Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Healthy Lifestyle

Standardizing reduces risk and patient care outcomes become reproducible and measurable.

At Marcia Friesen & Associates, our team will help you implement, manage, and sustain growth by establishing:

  • Program Performance Evaluation Metrics
  • Provider Quality Metrics
  • ​Measure & monitor quality of care, cost effectiveness and performance of bundled payments

Transition to Bundled Payments (value based model)

  • Vision Exercise
  • Key Stakeholders, Physicians, Caregivers, Hospital Meeting
  • Discuss and Define all elements that are necessary to provide the best possible outcomes for the patients
  • Strengths and Opportunity Analysis
  • Accounting Capabilities / Data Analysis
  • Physician Leadership 

We establish open communication between the Physician, Surgeon, Hospital and Caregivers..

Physician Engagement  and Alignment Process​

  • Physician Educational Sessions
  • Establish a Physician Advisory Committee
  • Transparency of data
  • Collaborate & Coordinate with specialties impacting patient care outcomes and cost​



​Industry News


Marcia Friesen & Associates is a boutique global healthcare consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of outpatient total joint replacement services.   The number of ASC's providing total joint replacements continues to increase substantially across our Nation.  From the year 2012 to 2015, there was a 47% increase in elective outpatient hip and knee replacements, according to Sg2 and by the year 2026, 51% of all total joint replacements will be done in an outpatient setting.  This trend is expected to continue to increase with CMS's recent announcement that as of January 1, 2018, total knee replacements are no longer on the inpatient-only list.   

Additional trends that are driving total joints to the outpatient setting include the industry transitions to value-based care models where ASC's can deliver high quality in a lower cost setting and the fact that insurers are beginning to support this lower cost, high-quality option for patients where good results and high patient satisfaction can be achieved. 

The MF&A proprietary process is customized to optimize your specific organization's vision and objectives in performing total joint replacement procedures in an outpatient setting. We look forward to working with you to co-create a high performing outpatient total joint service for your market.