We establish open communication between the Physician, Surgeon, hospital and caregivers. We engage the team through the vision exercise and get their buy-in supported by evidenced based  data. .

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At Marcia Friesen & Associates, our team will help you establish performance metrics and quality metrics managed by an appointed internal governing body to ensure longterm sustainability and growth.

Wellness Model of Care Continuum:

  • Patient and Family Education
  • Patient Scheduling for all the necessary testing and classes
  • Patient Preparation for the Day of Surgery
  • Less Invasive Techniques
  • Multi-Modal Anesthesia and Pain Management Techniques
  • Patient Post-operative Care (Return to a Healthy Lifestyle)
  • Rapid Rehabilitation Protocols
  • Rapid Outcomes Feedback resulting in Efficient Program Changes
  • Wellness Recovery Approach



Our team of experts will customize the standardization of the wellness model of care based on industry best care practices. Standardizing the entire patient wellness episode of care reduces risk and patient care outcomes are reproducible and measurable.

We engage your key stakeholders, Physicians, Surgeons, Caregiver and Hospital Administration in a Vision Exercise to customize the best solutions for your center.

Example of a vision exercise is "Hotel Patient Experience"



Clinical Care Delivery Redesign

Please contact us to schedule a private 30 minute complimentary webinar to discuss how we can help you achieve success with bundled payments, transforming your hospital with a customized Clinical Redesign program or implementing the Integrative Advantage™ into your organization.



Marcia Friesen and Associates are experts in transitioning organizations through the clinical redesign process.  Our team of servant leaders have the data, science, education and industry expertise to engage your team successfully through the clinical redesign process.  

Our first step is to engage the physician and administrative teams to standardize the entire Patient Wellness Model of Care based on your organizations vision.  We are committed to excellence in patient centered quality of care to address Healthcare Reform and the IHI Triple Aim Initiatives, resulting in an exceptional patient experience. 


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