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Please contact us to schedule a 30 minute complimentary discussion on what are you key concerns in starting or advancing your current total joint replacement program and how we can help you achieve success.





Our process starts with: 

  • Conducting an on-site analysis of your facility
  • Customizing a plan tailored to your internal culture and vision

Our outcomes are:

  • Improved overall quality of care
  • Optimized operating room and service line efficiency through evidence based industry best care practices
  • Improved satisfaction among patients, physicians and staff

Our team of experts will partner with your organization to co-create and transition total joints to an Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Center by:

  • Engage, Educate and Collaborate with Key Stakeholders, Physicians and Teams
  • In-depth Analysis of Patient Episode of Care and Experience resulting in standardization of Patients Entire Episode of Care
  • Achieve cost savings & Identify additional areas of cost saving opportunities
  • Track, Analyze and Measure Outcomes for long-term growth and sustainability

Prepare your Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Services for the future Joint Commission Disease Specific Care and Blue Cross Certifications. 

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement​ Key Market Drivers:

  • ASC's provide significant cost savings. 
  1. Insurance Companies are steering patients towards ASC's
  2. Medicare pays ASC's 55% of the amount paid to hospital outpatient departments for performing the same services.
  3. Patients are shopping for lower costs and higher quality of care
  4. Patients pay less coinsurance for procedures performed in the ASC than for comparable procedures in the hospital setting. 
  • ASC's provide their patients price transparency. 
  • ASC's enhance the patients experience and care due to: ​
  1. Smaller Number of Processes 
  2. Increased quality control processes (smaller space and small number of Operating Rooms)
  3. Direct Patient and Physician contact (eliminates hospital administration)
  4. Responsive environment to address each individuals needs
  5. Improved Surgeon and Patient Scheduling
  6. Physician Control to guide innovative strategies for governance, leadership and quality improvement. 
  7. ASC's have an average of 92% patient satisfaction rate. 
  • ASC's are highly regulated to ensure quality and safety. 
  • ASC's are committed to Quality through the ASC Quality Collaboration initiative. 
  • ​ASC's continually lead innovation in outpatient surgical care
  • Technological Advancements in Surgery
  • ​ASC's are governed by specific Federal Requirements

Success in Outpatient Total Joint Replacement depends on your organization's: 

  • Physician Expertise and Leadership
  • Patient Optimization and Selection Processes
  • Standardized Protocols and Processes based on Evidenced Based Care
  • A Dedicated Facility and Staff
  • Patient & Family Preparation & Education
  • Measure Outcomes and Safety
  • Cost of Care

The projected growth for total joint replacements to be done in an outpatient setting is expected to exceed 50% of all procedures by the year 2026 according to Sg2.  At Marcia Friesen & Associates, we offer customized outpatient business solutions, designed and focused on improving quality, efficiency, performance and an exceptional patient experience.