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Marcia Friesen & Associates' take pride in implementing successful exceptional patient experience programs around the globe.  Patient-centered-care is critical for hospitals and ASC's to improve quality and safety, engage the staff and improve patient and family collaboration through their customized health and wellness care continuum. Our solution empowers caregivers, administrative staff, physicians and surgeons to continuously provide innovative ideas to enhance and grow their exceptional patient experience vision. We specialize in transforming your hospital's organizational structure, processes and culture.



  1. Providing Patient-centered Care Is Too Costly.
  2. Patient-centered Care Is “Nice,” But It’s Not Important.
  3. Providing Patient-centered Care Is The Job Of Nurses.
  4. To Provide Patient-centered Care, We Will Have To Increase Our Staffing Ratios.
  5. Patient-centered Care Can Only Be Truly Effective In A Small, Independent Hospital.
  6. We May Think Patient-centered Care Is An Effective Model For Care Delivery, But There Is No Evidence To Prove It.
  7. Many Patient-centered Practices Compromise Infection Control Efforts, And Therefore, Cannot Be Implemented.
  8. The First Step To Becoming A Patient-centered Hospital Is Renovation Or Construction.
  9. Patient-centered Care Is The “Magic Bullet” I’ve Been Looking For To . (Improve Patient Satisfaction, Improve Employee Morale, Enhance Revenue Streams, Etc.)
  10. We Can’t Implement A Shared Medical Record Policy. That Would Be A Violation Of Hipaa.
  11. We Have Already Received A Number Of Quality Awards, So We Must Be Patient-centered.
  12. Our Patients Aren’t Complaining, So We Must Be Meeting All Their Needs.
  13. We’re Already Doing Insert Name Of Model , So We Can’t Take On Patient-centered Care.
  14. Being Patient-centered Is Too Time-consuming. Staff Is Stretched Thin As It Is. 


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To Optimize the Exceptional Patient Experience, hospitals need to fulfill the psychological needs of the patients:  

  • Confidence reflects the belief that patients can always trust the hospital to deliver on its promises.
  • Integrity reflects the belief that the hospital always treats patients fairly and will satisfactorily resolve any problems that might occur.
  • Pride reflects the degree to which a patient feels good about using the hospital and about how using the hospital reflects on them.
  • Passion reflects the belief that the hospital is irreplaceable and an integral part of patients' lives.


Communication with [patients] and families about all aspects of their care, treatment or services is an important characteristic of a culture of safety. When [patients] know what to expect, they are more aware of possible errors and choices. [Patients] can be an important source of information about potential adverse events and hazardous conditions.

The Joint Commission

Our Exceptional Patient Experience solution includes:

  • In-depth On-site Assessment
  • Staff Development & Education
  • Creation of an Exceptional Patient Experience vision customized to your patients values and hospitals culture
  • Implementation of standardized processes to allow reproducible and measurable outcomes  

Marcia Friesen & Associates Proprietary Process: 

  • Develop an Exceptional Patient Experience Vision appropriate to your target patient population 
  • Engage & Educate the Patient Care Coordination Team, Administrative Staff, Hospital Leadership, Clinical Caretakers, Physicians & Surgeons to embody the Exceptional Patient Experience Vision 
  • Assess & Collaborate on the patient's entire episode of care (Processes must be reproducible and measurable)
  •   Develop Quality & Performance Metrics to ensure long-term growth and sustainability


Exceptional Patient Experience 


"Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."

Institute of Medicine